First and foremost, hello and hugs everyone!

Quick Update: Though I’ve decreased the amount of aPOP blog posts as of late, I’ve been successfully practicing what I preach…rest, abundant living, and being present.

I just ended a social media (SM) sabbatical – yes, yes, it is possible – and I must say, it was much nicer than I anticipated! Admittedly, for the first week or so, muscle memory kicked in and my finger kept clicking on my favorite SM app when I picked up my phone. Still, I prevailed and beat the SM beast. Well, I put it in a brief headlock. thinking

Now onto the subject at hand…

I’m an early bird and I look forward to the joy of silence, contemplation, chats with God and driver seat Just Dance breaks during my drive to work.

I know I am not the only one that Soul Train dances in place in my car.

About a week ago, I was praying and an idea dropped in my spirit for my children. I want to intentionally speak life over them, always, but especially for the next 21 days.

I purchased a set of the cards below in order to hand write personalized messages of praise and encouragement for each of them. My plan is to give them a message each morning before they go to school. Some believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit, but I chose 21 days because the end date will be Christmas Eve, just in time to celebrate our greatest gift, Jesus…family, friends, and a blessed life.

Tree hearts

As time passes, my children continue to grow and evolve (despite my fierce reluctance).

They are truly amazing kids, but they live in a different world than I grew up in. Every generation faces its own challenges, but some nights I read or watch the news and get literally disgusted by the lack of regard for human life and the rapid decline of self-respect and self-honoring. What is happening to our society and why have we allowed it?

[exits soapbox]

The reality is there are a lot of competing voices that would attempt to influence and define (our) my sons. I want His voice to be the loudest and most prevalent, and then mine at a close second. laugh The personalized messages are filled with things I simply love about who they are, what God promises them, encouragement and inspiration, and the importance of embracing their fearfully and wonderfully made selves.

Though they are affirmed regularly, I wanted to give this opportunity my undivided attention, to be intentional and reflective in my word choices. My children are a gift, invaluable and loved beyond measure.

Whenever they feel down, unsure, or confused, I want the truth of who they are to be roaring and bold in their hearts, minds, and spirits. Weapons will form, but they will not prosper.

I’m so excited about this next 21 days! I can’t wait to see how they take in each note.

Do you remember when the main African American character in The Help told the little girl, “You is smart. You is kind. You is important.?” Those statements went viral, not just because of the grammar, but because of the intention. That little girl had competing voices, but those words stuck to her, and likely long after in her times of need. Simple words simply put, she needed to know that she measured up.

I read an article about some affirmations that every child wants to hear.

Guess what? “I like you” was on the list. How often do we tell our children that we like them? That we don’t just love them, we actually like and enjoy them.

Sometimes, as parents, we are quick to tell our children what they do wrong, but gloss over what they do right. Remember that met expectations also merit praise.

Have you affirmed your child/ren today?

Please join me in being intentional about affirming and love-locking our children.

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