Not long along, I released a challenge to my subscribers/readers, but mostly to myself, to increase physical activity and pursue a healthier diet in a blog post entitled, “Get Up and Get Movin’.” I realize that I owe you an update, and though I’m reluctant because I’ve graded my progress and my mid-section circumference at a C+ at best, I’m a woman of my word and still fabulous by all accounts. giggle

Since I published that blog post, I’ve waffled between a consistent exercise routine and eating well, to intermittent trips to the gym and eating my fill of every sweet treat Hershey and Jelly Belly manufacture. Sidebar: Why are Caramel Apple Pops and Chewy Jolly Ranchers so darn good? Can’t they make them with honey or add in a few flax seeds? I digress.

I typically have a lot going on, and lately, that has been especially true. During these busy sprints, I tend to reach for quick and gratifying treats. I’m erroneously sold on the idea of “comfort” food being buttery or fried (or a sugary spoil).

But, I don’t want to destroy the works of my hands by not keeping my word, particularly to myself (Ecclesiastes 5:6).

I realize that I commit best and am most consistent to leading a healthy lifestyle when that commitment is attached to a goal. A valued and prioritized reason. The reasons outlined in my previous post, occasionally get undermined by imbalance.

“So, do you have any good news, inspiring news maybe, Ms. aPOP? Because in all honesty, this blog is  causing me think more than once about purchasing a bag of Caramel Apple Pops or a Popeyes biscuit.” wondering

I’m glad you asked, and yes, I do.

One day recently, I woke up…and then I woke up. I’ve been consistently active and food mindful, causing me to lose 5 pounds over the last two weeks.

Full disclosure: I’ve still indulged in candy, cheat days, and fried food. However, I’ve also had amazingly flavorful veggie-packed salads, perfectly marinated and seasoned baked chicken, and implemented portion control. I’ve tipped the scales towards a healthier diet and redefined food-based rewards, by chipping away at the psychology that drives them.

My workouts are listed below, as an example of how much and long I commit daily. I also use myFitnesssPal to track my caloric intake.








Elliptical – 30 min Elliptical – 1/2 hr;

Yoga – 43 min

Elliptical – 1 hr;

Pilates – 26 min

Elliptical – 30 min REST & CHEAT DAY Elliptical – 1.5 hr HIIT workout – 33 min
REST DAY Elliptical – 30 min;

Restorative Yoga -15 min

HIIT workout – 30 min ZUMBA – 1 hr REST & CHEAT DAY Elliptical – 1 hr HIIT workout – 35 min

I’ll check-in again soon, but if you have any successes, please share them. I want to celebrate with you!!!

“So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

Talk to you soon. Be well.

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