Maybe you’re stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. Maybe you’re thoughts are limited by impaired sight or tunnel vision. Maybe you’re midway between a prayer and a promise. Maybe you’re tired of hearing the conjecture of well-intentioned hope salesmen (some might call them Christians), who’ve never been acquainted with your manner of grief.

But GOD…

We’ve entered into a new and powerful series at my church. So far, the series speaks to the immeasurable power of God to change everything and our responsibility to uphold our end of covenant with Him to receive the fullness of His promises in their intended time.

Admittedly, I sometimes find it difficult to receive “good news” from people who have no basis in the bad. It’s similar to when those non-parents try to educate us parents on what they believe are the best parental practices and methods to raising a healthy, well-adjusted child. “You see, reasoning with a two year child who won’t eat his vegetables is the best possible way to convince him of its nutritional value (in my most scholarly and a bit condescending voice).” 😐 Context is important, unifying, and amplifying…right?

You and I operate through a time movable lens. We can’t clearly see the right peripheral vision for our lives. God sees the big picture, He created it. What if we trusted Him enough to see the limited view from our lens, but all the while, believed for His bigger plan of hope and a future? Plans we didn’t create, can’t change, or manipulate. What if we used our own hands to prepare the last of our bread for someone else, not knowing how God would provide, but believing that He would (1 Kings 17:7-16 MSG)? Our last is often the beginning of our faith. We can’t see through our mountains, but there is certainly something awaiting us beyond them. Do you believe this?

One of our Pastors made a comment at the end of service about not trying to convince the congregation of God’s power, presence, and promises. Understand this, I’m not trying to convince you that you’re not stuck, you don’t have tunnel vision, or how close you are to your promise. I’m simply sharing the truth of my experiences in Him. Rather than convince you, I am confirming God’s ability to do and be what no one else can, based on evidentiary experience and His Word. Why would I keep infinite, living water a secret in the midst of a drought?

“Hope salesmen” simply want to point you to who is acquainted with your grief and is able and willing to change EVERYTHING about it.

God hears the cries, and even the whispers, of His children. He is not deaf to your suffering, fear, or insecurities.

It’s okay to acknowledge where you are, but don’t impede and incarcerate your future by believing that where you are is where you’ll stay? “But” negates everything you said before it. “But God,” introduces a timeless God into the beginning and the end of your now. I’ll never forget the miry clay that He lifted me out of (Psalm 40:2), but I have more to experience on the right side of my life. My latter, our latter, will be greater. You and I shall flourish, even if the largest and most intimidating mountains have to move, because nothing is too hard for our God.

Hold tight ladies to the belief in a divine, perfect, and personalized plan for your life by way of your creator!

“All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.” – Havelock Ellis

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